Available Courses

Here you can find the courses we offer, as of January 2014. The are vertically ordered by type of degree/certificate that can be achieved, and horizontally by our three "houses" health, education/social work and business/administration.

  Health  Education and Social Work Business and Administration
Further Vocational Training Remedial/Therapeutic Educator Nursery-school Teacher

Business Administration

Health Business Administration

 Vocational Education up to General University Entrance Qualification ("Abitur")


(with or without training as educator)
Business Administration
Vocational Education up to Entrance Qualification for Universities of Applied Sciences ("Fachhochschulreife") Health Care Social Work

Business Administration

Commerical Assistant (focus: IT)

 Vocational School Health Care   Business Administration
 Full-time Vocational Training

Remedial/Therapeutic Assistant

Social Care Assistant

Service Specialist

 Child Care Worker  
 Basic Vocational Training  Health    Business Administration
 Dual Vocational Training
(on-the-job and at the BKCR)

Medical and Pharmaceutical Professions:

Certified Medical Assistant
Certified Pharmaceutical Assistant
Certified Dental Assistant


Commercial / Administrative Professions:

Office Communication Clerk
Office Management Clerk
Retail Merchant
Health Care Clerk
Staffing Clerk

 Additional fields: Home Economics, Wood Engineering, Colour Techniques and Interior Design
 Basic Vocational Training Home Economics  Colour Techniques and Interior Design  
 Vocational Preparatory Courses

One-Year Vocational Orientation

Full-time Vocational Preparatory Course 

Educational Measures for Vocational Preparation

One-Year Workshop Class

Preparatory Class for Refugees