Seven New Teachers Coming (or Returning) to the BKCR

The BKCR's faculty of over 170 teachers is growing again, this time by seven new teachers. Five of them were temporary substitute teachers or teacher trainees here and decided to make the BKCR their permanent professional home. 

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Driver's Training for BKCR Students

Slam on the brakes hard, test out the ESP, drive while distracted - fifteen brand new cars could be tried out by BKCR students, on an automobile club testing ground, guided by certified driving instructors - all in the name of young driver safety.

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BKCR Officially a "Good Healthy School"

Making our school a place that has a lasting positive effect on our students' health - one of our goals. Now this endeavour has been rewarded by the award "Gute gesunde Schule" (Good healthy school).

Out of 173 contestants, also the BKCR has been chosen for exemplary health promotion.

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Traffic Safety Day at the BKCR

The Traffic Safety Day provided the opportunity to test and expand you knowledge on traffic safety aspects - and sometimes also experience it in action! From running over bicyclists, cutting open a crashed car to helmet security, the BKCR had more than 40 activities, set up by students, automobile clubs, the fire brigade and the police.

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Celebrity Chef Cooks with BKCR Students

Celebrity chef Stefan Marquard came to the BKCR to cook 150 lunch menus together with our students. A memorable and delicious highlight of the schoolyear. His visit was part of the Knappschaft insurance prevention project "Sterneküche macht Schule" (Gourmet cuisine catches on).

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BKCR's Certified "Talent Scouts"

The BKCR has been awarded the "Talentscout-Siegel" award for counselling talented students to pursue a perhaps much more ambitious career. Especially students with an adverse background might not dare to follow ambitious goals - even if they are highly talented. This is where the talent scouts spring to action.

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Health Professionals in High Demand

Due to the demographic change, the sector of health professions experiences a constant increase. In order to inform prospective students effectively, the BKCR organized an information day on health professions, helping students decide which career would suit them best. Aside from the courses the BKCR offers, dozens of other organizations presented career possibilities.

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BKCR Part of New Vocational College Co-operation

Eight vocational colleges of the Recklinghausen district joined forces to give students the best possible guidance to the trainings that suit them best. An effective transfer management is the core of this co-operation.

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BKCR Student Exchange with Glasgow

Four BKCR students had the opportunity of a two-week visit of Glasgow. Organized within the Erasmus+ program, this visit is the first of a newly instated exchange. The students gained valuable insights for their dual course in office management.

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BKCR Wins 2nd Place in Lions Club Competition

The Castrop-Rauxel chapter of the Lions Club awarded the BKCR 2,500 euros for its theatre project "Internationale Begegnungen" (International Encounters). The project brought together German students and students from the BKCR's refugee classes.

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Panel Discussion with Local Politicians on General Election

In September 2017, general elections were held in Germany. Shortly before, the BKCR hosted Castrop-Rauxel's only panel discussion with local politicians. Almost all of the major parties sent politicians to discuss current affairs and answer questions from our students.

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BKCR's 2nd "Europe Day"

In rocky times for the European Union, the BKCR staged its 2nd "Europe Day" promoting the spirit of Europe. Presentations, games and food were presented by our school's students. Also the BKCR's refugee classes contributed.

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Swedish Co-operation Partners from Borlänge Visit the BKCR

The BKCR was host to a group of Swedish guests from partner institutions in Borlänge, Sweden. These Swedish schools and also a nursing home have started their co-operation with us in 2015. The visit also provided interesting insights into working with refugees.

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Project Day: Sports For Students With and Without Special Needs

Sports in a wheelchair - that was the challenge every participating student had to face during a project day intiated by BKCR teachers Melanie Vieth and Maria Kokotin. The two students who always have to rely on a wheelchair could act as coaches and everybody agreed at the end of the day: "Nothing can stop us!"

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Panel Discussion With Castrop-Rauxel's Candidates for the State Elections

Eleven days before North Rhine-Westphalia's 2017 state elections, six local candidates of the main political parties came to the BKCR to face questions of our students in a panel discussion. Topics covered in the BKCR's auditorium were the state of schools, inclusion of students with special needs, what politics can do for job training, the high unemployment rate and whether secondary school should end in 12th or 13th grade.

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Franciscan Monk Discusses His Life and Work With Students

Franciscan monk Horst Langer was invited by religion class teacher Michael Trockel to introduce and discuss his way of living to BKCR students.

His visit proved insightful.

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BKCR Launches New Course "Health Studies", Leading to University Entrance Qualification (Abitur)

In the school year 2017/2018, the BKCR will launch a new course leading to Germany's university entrance qualification (Abitur), focused on the field of health studies. Even though it is a rather unique type of course in North Rhine-Westphalia, the enrollment numbers prove that it is in demand.

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BKCR Planning International Exchange With Zonguldak University (Turkey)

The BKCR is planning to kick off a project with Zonguldak University in Castrop-Rauxel's Turkish twin city.

This project would entail a student exchange, giving students of both institutions the opportunity to gain work experience in the respective other country.

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BKCR Opens Self-Learning Centre

On February 4, 2017, the BKCR opened its new self-learning centre with computer workstations, a library and rooms for group work.

This gives students the opportunity to work autonomously, e.g. also if a class had to be cancelled because the teacher became ill.

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Chart-topping Rapper Visits BKCR For Q&A With Students

The German-Kurdish rapper KC Rebell topped the German charts with his album "Rebellution" in 2014 and has been a nationally established rapper ever since. Invited by a BKCR teacher, he stopped by and talked about his childhood as a refugee, extremism and ways to live together in peace. He also did a Q&A session with about 140 BKCR students, giving some good advice to a student who asked the classic question "What would you tell a newcomer rapper to do?" - "Stay in school and learn a trade."

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Intercultural Cooking - Culinary Diversity Hands-On

Every four weeks, the BKCR hosts the "Intercultural Cooking" event, an informal opportunity to cook ethnic food together.

No matter if you're from Germany, Turkey, Palestine or Syria - the international language of cooking can be learned easily.

Along with more bits and pieces of German.

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Internship For Swedish Nurse Trainees at Castrop-Rauxel Hospital, Co-operation With the BKCR

For the first time, four Swedish nursing trainees had the opportunity to do an internship at the "Evangelisches Krankenhaus" hospital in Castrop-Rauxel. In order to return the favor, BKCR students will have the opportunity to do an internship in Sweden.

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BKCR Ceremoniously Titled "Europaschule" in State Parliament

At the sixth meeting of North Rhine-Westphalia's "Europaschule" schools, i.e. schools that excel in an international vision, in the State Parliament in Düsseldorf, the BKCR has been officially and ceremoniously joined the ranks of these "Europaschule" institutions.

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BKCR Establishes Classes For Young Refugees

In the wake of the high numbers of refugees coming to Germany, the BKCR establishes a class for young refugees in order to prepare them for job life in Germany.

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BKCR Receives Award For Teaching Sustainability

Two projects at the BKCR won the school the title "Schule der Zukunft". The campaign - created by the Natur- und Umweltschutz-Akademie NRW (Nature and Environmental Protection Academy NRW) together with North Rhine-Westphalia's ministry of environment and ministry of school - awards this title to schools that educate for sustainability. Both a project at the school farm and a fair trade shop were acknowledged as exemplary.

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New Co-operation Between Swedish School, Castrop-Rauxel Hospital and BKCR

The BKCR has started a co-operation between a Swedish school for adult education in Borlänge and the Evangelisches Krankenhaus hospital in Castrop-Rauxel.

Main point of this co-operation will be work placements abroad.

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"New" Building 6 Officially Opened

On June 6, 2014, numerous guests from politics and the school community celebrated the re-opening of building 6 after more than a year of remodeling.

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The BKCR opening a state-of-the-art building for self-organized learning!

A How it looked before the renovationfter two years of radical renovation, the BKCR's building number 6 will be re-opened for business on April 28, 2014 boasting a state-of-the-art room concept facilitating self-organized and co-operative learning.

Following many months of planning and negotiations with the district, building number 6 - originally built in the 1970s and badly damaged by the windstorm "Kyrill" - started undergoing a massive remodeling in 2012. The BKCR took the opportunity to incorporate a state-of-the-art room concept for state-of-the-art learning concepts.

An official celebration with guests from politics and the school community is to be held on June 6, 2014.

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New course "Service specialist" to be introduced

The BKCR is going to introduce the new course "Certified service specialist"

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