School Counselling

School counselling has been established to create new ways of how the school, families and youth charities can work together. Its goal is to provide low-threshold and preventive support for young people dealing with conflicts within or outside of school. We focus on promoting an holistic individual development and pointing out new competences for solving academic and social problems. Thus, school counselling contributes to the improvement of our students' life circumstances.

We provide counselling to students, their parents and anyone directly or indirectly involved in the school system. All of our services can be used on a voluntary basis and everything will be treated as confidential.

When counselling, we can work with individual students, student groups, parents, teachers, at school or at home, can provide assitance when dealing with authorities of any kind. Also, we assist students who are eligible for funding by the state.

Students can make use of our services in case of...

  • problems within the family
  • social issues
  • academic/studying problems
  • verbal conflicts
  • bullying and cyber-bullying
  • violence
  • drugs and addiction
  • pregnancy
  • financial problems
  • fears in general
  • ...