BKCR Ceremoniously Titled "Europaschule" in State Parliament

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Dec 14 2015
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At the sixth meeting of North Rhine-Westphalia's "Europaschule" schools, i.e. schools that excel in an international vision, in the State Parliament in Düsseldorf, the BKCR has officially joined the ranks of these "Europaschule" institutions.

The certificate was ceremoniously presented to our school by the state school minister, Ms. Sylvia Löhrmann. Aside from the BKCR, seven other North Rhine-Westphalia schools were inducted into the "Europaschule" circle, raising the number of schools with this title to 192 statewide.

At this ceremony, the state minister for European affairs, Mr. Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense, said: "The 'Europaschulen' in North Rhine-Westphalia are truly a successful concept. Having 192 certified 'Europaschulen' ranging from primary schools and secondary schools to vocational colleges, our state is far ahead of other German states. These schools offer their students an impressive Europe portfolio and thus have this international  orientation make them fit for the future."

State school minister Sylvia Löhrmann stated,  "Europaschulen contribute an important part for strengthening the European team spirit. They not only teach intercultural competence, but also commendably provide knowledge of European history, the European integration process, and an understanding for Europe's significance for everyday life. This is especially important these days as Europe is facing vast challenges. The 'Europaschulen' send out the message: We belong together in Europe, because we share the same values: protecting human rights in freedom, democracy, equality and constitutional legality. "

The "Europaschule" certificate is valid for five years, after which the respective schools have to be re-certified.

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