BKCR Officially a "Good Healthy School"

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Sep 25 2018
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The state's statutory accident insurance (Unfallkasse NRW) created the school development award "Gute gesunde Schule" (Good healthy school) to sponsor schools in their endeavours to make the school a healthier place.

This year, the BKCR entered this contest and managed to achieve the highest level of sponsorship, namely 15,000 euros.

The BKCR convinced the Unfallkasse NRW, since being at the school has become much more pleasant over the past years: a small cafeteria with a warm lunch has been opened, a self-learning centre with several rooms as well, accompanied by little improvements like interior decoration and more benches on the schoolyard.

Photo credit: Unfallkasse NRW

Last changed: Oct 07 2018