BKCR Planning International Exchange With Zonguldak University (Turkey)

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Feb 03 2017
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The BKCR is planning to kick off a project with Zonguldak University in Castrop-Rauxel's Turkish twin city. This project would entail a student exchange, giving students of both institutions the opportunity to gain work experience in the respective other country.

During a visit in February 2017, a delegation from Zonguldak University, BKCR principal Nierhauve and member of parliament Frank Schwabe met at the BKCR to discuss details of the co-operation.

If everything is put into action as planned, BKCR students will be able to spend ten days to three months internships at Zonguldak University clinics. Since the BKCR has a sizeable community with Turkish background, this will be a very good opportunity for them. Students from Zonguldak University will be able to gain experience in the German health system when working at the Castrop-Rauxel hospitals.

Issues discussed during the visit were details like the number of participants and the dates. If everything works out well, it could start in the second half of 2017.


Photo credit: WAZ

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