BKCR Student Exchange with Glasgow

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Dec 18 2017
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Within the Erasmus+ program of the EU, the BKCR has set up another partnership. In the fall of 2017, four BKCR students had the opportunity to take part in the two-week visit of Glasgow.

The students gained valuable insights for their dual course in office management. Not only could they go to Great Britain's largest college (33,000 students), the City of Glasgow College, but they could also get individual first-hand information from professors, students, labour union representatives and Scottish business experts.

The BKCR teachers Claudia Hüsken and Rüdiger Weyrauch, who have done much of the organizational work for this exchange, also visited the City of Glasgow College to meet with their Scottish counterparts.

On the photo, BKCR students Sandra Daniec, Melissa Selmani, Jil Berkemeyer and Dzenisa Mesanovic (front, from the left) stand on the famous stairs of the college, accompanied by Mr. Weyrauch and Ms. Hüsken (back, from the left).

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