BKCR's 2nd "Europe Day"

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Jul 19 2017
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In rocky times for the European Union, the BKCR staged its 2nd "Europe Day" promoting the spirit of Europe. On July 10, presentations, games and food were presented by our school's students. Also the BKCR's refugee classes contributed.

Quizzes tested the participants' knowledge about Europe, visitors could sample delicious treats from Europe and all over the world, then lose the pounds they gained from that by playing sportive activity games.

Also, students could listen to first-hand reports about our work placements abroad. This has proven to encourage students who are not sure about going to another country for a work placement.

There was also a drama production. One of the BKCR's refugee classes joined forces with a regular class and staged their own play "Begegnungen" ("Encounters").

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