BKCR's Work Placement Abroad Students 2018

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Jan 14 2019
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Once a year, the EU's ERASMUS+ program helps BKCR students studying to become nursery nurses and educators to do work placements in Great Britain, Poland or Sweden. The three-week work placements give unique insights to the countries' pre-school education theories in practice. Most of the students can use ideas from their time abroad in their later professional career.

BKCR's exchangees of 2018 came back with not only impressions of the professional level, but also about how it is to live autonomously in a foreign country.

Some of the students even changed their career goals - for example Christina now wants to find a job at a Montessori kindergarten since her work placement showed her how much she likes this type of institution. 

As usual, the forest kindergarten in Sweden was one of the most impressive because it is very different: no fences to keep children within a defined region in the forest, no railings and as much staying outdoors as possible, no matter how the weather is.

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