Celebrity Chef Cooks with BKCR Students

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on May 16 2018
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The BKCR school kitchen is bustling with activity, the students studying to become state-certified service specialists are busy chopping, stirring and mixing. Gourmet chef Stefan Marquard calls through the large room "Keep in mind: we have to be ready to serve in an hour!" - it is not a test, but he helps them serve a three-course lunch for 150 people in the school's cafeteria. And that can only be achieved by good coordination.

Stefan Marquard, a gourmet chef widely known from cooking shows on German TV, works together with the Knappschaft insurance in the prevention project "Sterneküche macht Schule" (Gourmet cuisine catches on), in that respect he is a little bit the German Jamie Oliver with a bandana and goatee.

The goal of the project is to show both students and schools that healthy nutrition is easy to achieve. The menu served at the BKCR that day consisted of an oriental cucumber bell pepper salad with yoghurt, black cumin and potato salad as a starter, beef burgers with pureed sweet potatoes and courgette-asparagus topping on herbed rice as entree, and strawberries with chocolate sprinkles and vanilla cream as dessert. 

At the end of the day, the gourmet chef states "All in all, everything went great. It was fun!", the BKCR's principal Mr. Nierhauve attests that it was a success, and student Johanna Hoffmann says "Getting good advice from a pro like Stefan was awesome. You won't forget that!"

Mr. Marquard's involvement doesn't end when the day is over: there are further training sessions, and the celebrity chef himself is always available for advice.

Photo credit: Ruhrnachrichten 

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