Chart-topping Rapper Visits BKCR For Q&A With Students

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Jan 23 2017
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KC Rebell und Pfarrer Trockel (C) RuhrNachrichtenThe German-Kurdish rapper KC Rebell topped the German charts with his album "Rebellution" in 2014 and has been a nationally established rapper ever since. His hit single "Fata Morgana" chose the blind hatred between religions as a topic, also citing Jesus's Sermon on the Mount.

Students suggested KC Rebell's music to talk about in BKCR teacher Michael Trockel's religious studies class. This was the initial spark that made the teacher try to get KC Rebell to come to the BKCR himself. After a while of tenaciously contacting the artist's management, the rapper finally agreed to come in January 2017.

KC Rebell, born in Turkey as Hüseyin Kökseçen, came to Germany as a refugee when he was a young child. Having experienced xenophobia and culture shocks firsthand, he once aspired to get his Abitur (German A levels) and become a professional football player - just like his friend Mesut Özil. His problems with discipline and authority thwarted reaching either goal - he was kicked out of school after beating up a teacher and received a ban as a player after beating up a referee. In hindsight he said he regrets this and asked BKCR students not to make the mistakes he made.

The auditorium at the BKCR - even though packed with 140 students - was completely quiet when KC Rebell explained his views on his youth as refugee, how to live as a foreigner in Germany, how to deal with diversity, how to withstand religious zealots and how to live together in peace.

A Q&A session with the students was quite vivid, of course also since the Castrop-Rauxel region has a relatively high percentage of people with a similar migration background as KC Rebell. In the end, one student asked classic question "What would you tell a newcomer rapper to do?" and the rapper artist replied  "Stay in school and learn a trade."

As a down-to-earth person without stardom antics, he then agreed to have students take pictures with him after the talk.


Photo credit: RuhrNachrichten

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