Comprehensive hygiene concept - relatively low CoVid-19 infection numbers

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Nov 28 2020
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Masks mandatory on the entire premises, also during classes - only exception is for eating or drinking, which has to be done in the open air and at least 1.50m apart from others.

Also, the classrooms have to be aired at least once every 20 minutes - ideally with windows and a door open to create a draft. Students and teachers come prepared and sometimes even keep their jackets and scarves on.

Desinfectants and soaps are close at hand at all times.

So far, the numbers of infections seem to show that these measures work. The rate is very much average despite partly having classes of up to 30 students. Also, CoVid-19 seems to come from the outside but doesn't seem to spread within the school.

Last changed: Nov 30 2020