Driver's Training for BKCR Students

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Oct 11 2018
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Slam on the brakes of a brand new car or see what the electronic stability program (ESP) of car does with a car if need be - 50 BKCR students had the opportunity to try that and more during a driver's training offered through the "Ford Vorfahrt für deine Zukunft" program.

Fifteen brand new cars along with fourteen driving instructors awaited them on the grounds of the German automobile club (ADAC) driving safety centre. This was a cooperation of Ford, the ADAC and BKCR's young driver's safety initiative.

Not only were they taught the essentials about braking maneuvres, ESP, driving while distracted or intoxicated, car/bike dangers, blind spots and car technology, they also could try many things hands-on. 

The students had four hours to try out the various stations and warm up with some hot drinks and cookies. This training was especially useful since many of them do not own a car yet and also have parents that aren't too keen on having their children try out extreme maneuvres with the family car.

Last changed: Dec 05 2018