Franciscan Monk Discusses His Life and Work With Students

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Mar 03 2017
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Franciscan monk Horst Langer was invited by religion class teacher Michael Trockel to introduce and discuss his way of living to BKCR business and administration students. His visit proved insightful.

The BKCR teacher Trockel invited Langer as part of a class on business ethics. Especially for students geared up for entering the job life of business and administration, a Franciscan monk who pledged to live without any money (aside from what has to be spent for the bare necessities) provides a very different perspective on life in general.

Langer has been living for 32 years in the emergency accommodations of the city of Herne, among homeless people. His mission is to help people marginalized by society.

Students also asked if there was a way back from being a monk. Of course, Langer said, he could just pack his bags and say goodbye. But he isn't considering it, since he is convinced that God wants him to go out and help, unbureaucratically and hands-on.


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