Intercultural Cooking - Culinary Diversity Hands-On

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Jan 19 2017
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Every four weeks, the BKCR hosts the "Intercultural Cooking" event, an informal opportunity to cook ethnic food together. It has been introduced by the women's union of the CDU together with the international education and culture club for women (IBKF).

About 40 people peeled, chopped, pureed and cooked in the BKCR kitchen in January. Language barriers erode easily while cooking. Often, this event is a welcome opportunity for women with a migration background to get out of the house and into contact with people from other backgrounds. Also, refugees can get to know people who have lived in Castrop-Rauxel for a long time. Especially the participants who do not have German as their mother tongue benefit from using German during both the cooking and the eating/talking afterwards.

No matter if you're from Germany, Turkey, Palestine or Syria - the international language of cooking can be learned easily.


Photo credit: RuhrNachrichten

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