Project Day: Sports For Students With and Without Special Needs

Posted by W. Niehues (niehues) on Jun 07 2017
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Sports in a wheelchair - that was the challenge every participating student had to face during a project day intiated by BKCR teachers Melanie Vieth and Maria Kokotin. Two students of the participating classes indeed have to rely on wheelchairs and thus could not take part in the normal PE classes. The two BKCR teachers thought of ways to make our school more inclusive and came up with a project day.

Supported the medical supply store 4ma3ma and the German Wheelchair Sport Association (DRS), the students competed in several disciplines that had one thing in common: They always required wheelchairs.

Already during warm-up, the students without special needs noticed how complex and strenuous manoeuvering wheelchairs can be. But once the game "Wheel Soccer" began, all the problems were forgotten. Another discipline, field hockey in wheelchairs, immediately clicked with the whole class, too. To top it off, also wheelchair basketball and a wheelchair scavenger hunt (e.g. putting everybody's wheelchair handling skills in nature to the test) were introduced.

At the end of the day, the students immediately asked for another wheelchair project day and were confident that inclusive PE classes should be possible in their class. Everybody agreed: "Nothing can stop us!"

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